I’d like one DevOps, please…

Sounds crazy to those who know, but the world out there is only just starting to get the DevOps momentum (much less the DevSecOps, SecOps, et al. momentum) even though it’s already a 10 year old term!

The larger and more vertical sites are coming around to DevOps simply as a matter of inertia now, as the largest of the large have made a play, the developers the schools are turning out are ALL “DevOps Enabled”, and the market is dictating, nay demanding faster TTM and SDLC workflows.

To get your newest software to site faster, the entire lifecycle of systems and software throughout your pipeline has to be streamlined and interconnected. From provisioning to automation, continuous security to DevSecOps “shifting left” into the beginning of the SDLC process as well as automated software scanning (code quality AND security) and then as fully automated as possible deployment scenarios up to and including live to production, your business could be moving faster… MUCH faster.

Most sites have the talent and resources onsite to make a fully automated DevOps workflow a reality, they just need leadership and guidance to help shift their organization into a secure continuous delivery mechanism that follows the strong value “automate all the things!”

S & S can help you start this journey, implement all the components of your automation and SDLC strategy, help you integrate security into the process, and gain a high level of confidence through automated testing. Give us a call at 912-549-0272 and let us help you start your journey today!

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